At Quadrant Security Group, we believe that this is the time for a NEW generation of partnerships – partnerships that focus not only on stripping costs out of an organisation and achieving immediate cost savings, but also look to take ownership and responsibility for maintaining and improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services you deliver; that create new skills in your organisation; and that create wider customer opportunities and services to achieve new revenue streams.

Quadrant has the Experience, Scale, Flexibility and Expertise to help your Organisation.

We have a specialist team of experienced commercial, technical and finance expertise from across our Group to focus solely on working with you to help maximise the cost savings as well as developed innovative solutions to the challenges you face that will deliver cost savings now as well as enable you to deliver self-funding services.

And our unique depth of experience in delivering complete security solutions tells us that there are always ways to achieve reductions in your budget other than by just cutting security provision.

Quadrant creates a partnership that Delivers.

  • Cost of Service – reduced service costs, reduced investment cost
  • Business Profitability – reduced business cost, increased income
  • Flexibility – reduced cost of change, technology refresh, staff training, relocation, moves & changes
  • Cash Flow – reduced debtor days, reduced inventory
  • ROCE – improved asset performance, reduced capital, reduced bad debt
  • Employee Satisfaction – retention/turnover rates, staff satisfaction
  • Customer Service – reduced complaints and increased customer retention
  • Productivity – reduced wastage, simplified processes
  • Quality – standardisation & reduced re-working.
  • Ownership & Responsibility – increased focus, increased opportunity