Risk Management

Risk Management Analysis Charts

Risk management covers all the processes involved in identifying, assessing and judging risks, assigning ownership, taking actions to mitigate or anticipate them, and monitoring and reviewing progress. Good risk management helps reduce hazard, and builds confidence to innovate.

At QSG we are experts in assessing risks associated with electronic security and the protection of people, resources and assets. Our proven methodology involves gaining a deep understanding of your organisation where we:

  • identify, characterise, and assess threats
  • assess the exposure of critical assets to specific threats
  • determine the risk (i.e. the expected consequences of specific types of
    attacks on specific assets)
  • identify ways to reduce those risks
  • prioritise risk reduction measures based on a strategy

The output from our risk analysis is a presentation of our findings and a detailed report covering our recommendations and a risk assessment business case.

Following the initial findings the next steps involve the development of an impact analysis; documenting and agreeing the security strategy (covering opportunities and risks) and the implementation of risk mitigation factors.

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